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Additional Excise Commissioner ( Enforcement)

Addl. Excise Commissioner, IPS officer is authorized to exercise all the powers and to perform all the duties of Excise Commissioner under Abkari Act, concurrently with and subject to the control of the Commissioner. The following are the main powers, duties and functions of the Addl. Excise Commissioner:

  • To supervise, prevent and detect crimes relating to Abkari laws, formulate policies for better control of crimes and supervise and issue direction on investigation and prosecution of cases.
  • To design various training program and organize courses, organize mobilization training for specialized works.
  • To be the Appellate Authority in respect of orders passed by the Asst. Excise Commissioners confiscating vehicles involved in Abkari cases.
  • Maintenance and disbursement of the Secret Service Fund of the department.
  • Liasoning with Police Department, in all matters connected with detection and prevention of Abkari offences.
  • Inspection of all field offices subordinate to the Excise Commissioner and to peruse action on inspection reports, evaluation of work done and issue guidelines to them.
  • To prescribe hours of work of field officers, call for returns and statistics and information from all officers, issue orders regarding wearing of uniforms and for conducting drill and physical training in the Range and other Excise Offices and to prescribe new duties among different ranks.
Additional Excise Commissioner (Administration)

Addl.Excise Commissioner, an IAS officer handles all matters under the control and direction of the Commissioner of Excise. He shall be the Appointing Authority of the Excise Inspectors, Assistant Excise Inspectors and other subordinate staff except Preventive Officers and Guards. He shall be responsible for the general administration and discipline of the department.
Empowered to exercise all the powers and to discharge all the duties conferred and imposed on Abkari officers under Sections 31,32,34, 35,38,39,53 &59,67 and 67 A of the Abkari Act I of 1077 within the whole State of Kerala