Home Mechanical Officer
Last Modified :Wednesday 06 FEB 2019, 14:08 PM
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Mechanical Engineer [Excise] will be an officer on deputation. His main powers, duties and responsibilities include:

  • Initiation of files and rendering technical advise in the following matters:
  • Purchase of motor vehicles/accessories/spare parts/tyres/batteries etc.
  • Bodybuilding to cover chassis.
  • Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.
  • Condemnation of unserviceable motor vehicles.
  • Issuing instructions with regard to the maintenance of departmental vehicles.
  • Inspection of departmental vehicles and comment on their maintenance.
  • Fixing responsible for untimely wear and tear of departmental vehicles and scrutinising all returns filed by officers regarding maintenance of the vehicles.
  • Assessment of market value of confiscated vehicles put up for auction, etc.
  • Sanctioning of work estimates of departmental vehicles up to Rs. 10,000/
  • Issuing of essentiality certificates for any repair work of departmental vehicles above Rs. 10,000/-